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Single Offset Patio Umbrella
"The Liberty Single outdoor offset umbrella is the first choice for those who want a long lasting quality shade. The side arm and post are made entirely of powder coated steel and the spokes are constructed of heavy duty aluminum making it ideal even for the harshest conditions." Read More
Double Offset Commercial Patio Umbrellas
"The Freedom Double offset umbrella provides twice the shade with a single post. Our double canopy umbrella side post is the first choice for long spaces. Available in 10-20 or 13-26 and providing 200 to 338 square feet of shaded area." Read More
Quadruple Offset Patio Umbrellas
"The American Quad Offset Umbrella is The Shade Experts our largest heavy duty offset umbrella and the most distinctive, the heavy duty cantilever umbrella. It is comprised of four umbrellas with one central pole." Read More
Telescopic Patio Umbrellas
"The Shade Experts USA Telescopic Center Post Umbrella is one of the most important telescopic umbrella models in our collection. One main reason for their popularity is that these telescopic umbrellas are windproof."
Read More
Shade Sytstem
"Any Shape and any Size – Shade sails are extremely versatile as a single sail can shade almost any place. Churches, Industrial Parks, City Governments, Community Parks, Garden Centers, Golf Courses, Hotels, Property Management Companies, Retirement Communities, Resorts, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Schools, and Sports Complexes. " Read More
Arch Umbrellas
"The Arch offset patio umbrella has a unique design that flows from the particular shape of the carrier beam. The whole structure is designed to ensure the aesthetics and functionality are unchanged over time.

The arch is made entirely of Iroko wood by our expert craftsmen. Its lamellar construction ensures maximum reliability and durability. Every single... " Read More

We make stunning outdoor spaces…

The Shade Experts USA runs a full line of commercial patio umbrellas designed to give a stylish, practical and durable experience. The offset patio umbrellas will add spice to your space, patrons, clientele and fans. There are a thousand and one reasons you’d want to make your next commercial outdoor space designed by The Shades Experts USA, some of which include superior quality products, exceptional customer service and amazing prices.

The Shades Experts USA is the real team of experts that enhance user experience in outdoor space with large commercial patio umbrellas.

There is no doubt the leading supplier of commercial patio umbrellas and offset patio umbrellas for restaurants and more. With our shades, you can create and recreate comfy, pleasant warmth for your visitors instead of exposing them to the dangers posed by the sun.

Only The Shades Experts USA outdoor umbrellas can turn outdoor spaces into awesome outdoor spaces.

Our construction is durable and it stands up to everyday use by your clients and the outdoor elements. Our experts are ready to help you choose the best and most suitable fabric and frames out of our large collection of gorgeous, flexible designs. We will further give suggestions on what accessories will serve as a perfect match plus, give you ideal ideas just to make your outdoor space stunning.

We boast of serving a number of the largest companies, venues and franchises in the United States as well as local businesses, restaurants and shopping centers in the region. Our confidence lies in the fact that you will find out line of patio umbrella to be the finest (or best) in the nation based on quality, reliability and amazing pricing.

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