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1. The offset umbrella also known as the cantilever umbrella is a great commercial patio umbrella for hotels, restaurants, country clubs or any business with an outdoor space. Offset patio umbrellas are a better alternative to the center post umbrella where it is imperative that guests are free of obstructions where they can fall or hurt themselves.
Here is a list of great ways to incorporate a cantilever patio umbrella for your establishment.
2. Over your table. One of the greatest advantages about a side post umbrella is that there is no center pole getting in the way of your guests interacting with one another. Conversing at a patio table takes on a whole new perspective once you get rid of that pesky center pole. Also, moving your table around will be a snap as there is no umbrella attached to its center and due to the fact that our offset umbrellas swivel 360 degrees; the flexibility you get on how you shade your table is endless. In addition; you get the added benefit of a much more usable space to your table top. So, put that cap back that hole that came with the table!
3. Over your lounge chairs. Every guest at a hotel would much rather prefer a cantilever umbrella as they relax in your chaise loungers as having a center pole umbrella can be very obtrusive. With an offset patio umbrella, you can place the umbrella out of the way, behind or to the side.
4. Establish a common shaded area where people can all gather. Any open space can become a perfect spot for a commercial cantilever umbrella. If the space is quite large consider using a double offset umbrella or quadruple offset umbrella to cover that area. You don’t always need a table for people to sit down. The offset umbrella is a great way to provide both shading and a comfortable place to gather that may otherwise be unoccupied. Add our LED lights to the ribs, and you can entertain at night as well.
5. Shade for children is an ideal way to use an offset patio umbrella. If you have a play area, it’s easy to protect them from the sun while they are out playing. Set the umbrella off to the side and leave the whole middle of the area open for them to run around and because we use 100% acrylic fabric all of our cantilever umbrellas come with the Skin Cancers seal of approval!
6. Over the pool. Everyone loves to swim or float on a raft in the water, but people are concerned with the UV rays. So, put in an Offset patio umbrella to cover part of the area. Place an offset umbrella to the side of your pool, place it over the water, and you’ve got a great shaded area.
There you have it. Five great ways to use offset patio umbrella. Have an idea? Let us know.

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Sitting in the direct sun can be torture on hot days. You could be at home or at a restaurant, and a large commercial umbrella will make all the difference between having a nice day and feeling like you are being roasted. Here are 10 great reasons you should invest in a high quality large patio umbrella.
1. Giant Patio umbrellas are a must for anybody who lives in a sunny place. If you own a restaurant or a hotel and entertain a lot of people than more than one will be necessary. The right outdoor patio shade can reduce your patio heat by as much as 20%!
2. Industrial umbrellas will also provide shelter from rain that might be rolling through. An Offset patio umbrella can give shelter to many people at the same time, and maybe even save an event that would otherwise need to be cancelled.
3. A heavy duty cantilever umbrella is also purchased to add a complimentary decorative item to your patio area. There are many choices when it comes to the 100% acrylic colors and patterns available. This outdoor fabric is water resistant, anti-mold and mildew, stain resistant and easy to clean. In addition to its longevity and durability; this fabric also provides protection from the sun with a 95% UV rating and carry’s the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal.
4. Designing your own commercial patio umbrella to the decor in your garden or patio is a lot of fun.
5. Be certain to choose an umbrella that is versatile. Offset umbrellas and double offset patio umbrellas should have a rotation feature allowing you to position the canopy and follow the sun. In addition this feature will allow you to close the umbrella out of the way of your furniture underneath.
6. Make sure to choose a shade umbrella that is the right size. If it is too small then somebody or something is always left out of the cover. If it is too large, it may look out of place.

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A good commercial patio umbrella is not only beautiful, but it will shade your customers from the scorching heat on those hot days and add a splash of color and style to your outdoor space. Anyone who is on the hunt for a large patio umbrella for their business should determine which shade structure will be the best fit based on educating themselves about some of the top styles in the market. Only by being well informed about these popular patio umbrella styles can a business owner find the ideal shade for their outdoor location. They will also discover that great deals can be found on online vendors instead of the traditional brick and mortar stores.
1. Offset Patio Umbrellas
Another name for this kind of umbrella is the cantilever umbrella. Patios that experience an abundance of sunlight throughout the day can make great use of this design. Essentially, these patio umbrellas are supported by an arm and base on one side of the canopy instead of in the middle. The arm that pivots from the base extends outwards to the location that requires shading, where it holds up the canopy. This unique design allows one to receive the benefits of shade without obstructing the middle of the table, as well as the view. The anchor of the stand will be off to the side, and the umbrella will cover anything from an outdooring dining table that lacks a center hole for the pole to large seating areas. So as not to place any undue stress on the table, these umbrellas typically come with their own base to support themselves. As the sun moves over the course of the day, one need only to adjust the 360 degree rotation feature of the umbrella to reclaim the shade they had earlier.
2. Double Off-Set Patio Umbrellas
The Double offset umbrella is a cantilever as well. The only difference here is it gives twice as much shade needed with a single post only. A double canopy side post is the ideal solution for long narrow spaces. They are available in many sizes such as 8’x16’, 10’x20’, 11.5’x23’, 10’x26’ and 13-26, providing shade for a 200-350 square foot area. Both the post and side arm are made with power coated steel and industrial grade canopies All quality commercial patio umbrellas will come equipped with replaceable parts making its design built to last for many years and ready to face even the harshest conditions. As the sun moves over the course of the day, one need only to adjust the 180 degree rotation feature of the umbrella to reclaim the shade they had earlier.
3. Quadruple Offset Patio Umbrellas
The Quad Offset Umbrella is the largest heavy duty offset umbrella in the market and deservedly the most distinctive heavy duty cantilever umbrella around. It is made up of four umbrellas, having one central pole. It simply maximizes your available covered shade umbrella area and is strictly a commercial cantilever umbrella. This large cantilever patio umbrellas is available in five different sizes 16’x16’, 20’x20’, 23’x23’, 20’x26’ and 26’x26’ dimensions which gives about 400 to 676 square feet area for good usage.
4. Telescopic Umbrellas
Telescopic Center Post Umbrellas are one of the most important and popular models currently available. One main reason for their popularity is that these telescopic umbrellas are windproof. The Telescope expansion mechanism is constructed entirely from aluminum, and as a result of this design it is robust while also being elegant.
5. Tilting Umbrellas
Our Retractable Tilting Cantilever is one of our most popular umbrellas. As the name suggests, tilting umbrellas are designed to have an additional joint approximately three quarters of the way up the pole that allows it to pivot so that the canopy is at an angle This shade offers easy opening and closing, 360 degree rotation, galvanized powder coated steel structure, interchangeable parts, stainless steel hardware and 100% Marine Grade or PVC Fabric. Available with in ground base, surface mount or freestanding base