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Fabrics & Structure Colors

Our steel and aluminum structures are treated in a fire epoxy coated powder coat. Available colors are White, Black, Anthracite, Brown, Aluminum. Custom colors are available upon request.

Fabric Acrylic

Our canopies are made from a 100% Marine Grade solution-dyed acrylic fabrics available in more than 100 colors. Each individual fiber is color saturated from the inside out for a rich, fade resistant color and because the fabric is woven for breathability; it doesn't trap heat and moisture thus eliminating mildew. It’s also water resistant and is treated with a fluorocarbon finish for water repellency. Furthermore, it’s stain resistant and easy to clean. In addition to its longevity and durability; this fabric also provides protection from the sun with a 95% UV rating and carry’s the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal.

Precontraint 502 PVC Fabric

Precontraint 502 is an architectural PVC textile by SERGE FERRARI. Designed and developed for applications such as commercial umbrella canopies. The wide range of 40 colors have been specially created with industrial and architectural applications in mind. New formulations ensure high-performance thermal protection making this fabric fire resistant and waterproof. These textiles are manufactured under equal tension throughout the manufacturing cycle. This results in exceptional dimensional stability, perfect tensioning and finish, long lasting mechanical resistance, substantially extended lifespan and exceptional flexibility that ensures architectural freedom and ease of fitting. A thicker coating on the thread crests ensures that the physical properties of Precontraint 502 membranes are preserved over time. The consistently smooth finish also provides ease of maintenance. PVC textile does carry an additional surcharge so ask our experts for a quote.