The grounding is the foundation that our umbrellas are built upon.

We provide four different types of bases for our umbrellas that are all custom designed and fashioned to fit any size, shape, and location for your umbrella.

Freestanding Base

Galvanized steel bases with concrete block inserts are stacked into layers to provide a proper anchor.

Base Covers

Covers hide the concrete base and can be used as tables or a seating area.


Ground Anchors are available in three varieties

In-ground, surface, and wall mount to concrete. Many manufacturers use only one bolt to anchor. We
secure the anchor with four bolts, so the umbrella is fixed into place, staying stable.

In-ground Bases

Measuring 18”x18” and set into a concrete footing.

Surface Mount Bases

Measuring 18”x18” and attached to a reinforced concrete foundation.

Wall Mount Bases

Custom designed upon request and are available for our single and double offset umbrellas. This specially designed bracket can be designed based on the height and width of your wall.


Our durable frames are what set us apart from the competition.

Hand forged galvanized steel structures industrial grade aluminum spokes and central steel hubs are all powder coated; a process that fuses the paint to the surface of the metal. This treatment gives excellent protection against atmospheric agents like salt; a process that renders them impervious to rust. Other finishing touches include marine grade winches, stainless steel hardware, wind vents in the canopy for air passage and high wind stabilizer bars to allow for more stability in heavier winds. The structure is made up of all replaceable parts which provide the durability you can’t find anywhere else.



Our ribs are made from reinforced, powder coated structural grade aluminum strengthened with stainless steel hardware to ensure maximum strength. Our frames are constructed with galvanized steel which is the most suitable material use for outdoor use. Alternatively, our frames can be constructed from mirror polished stainless steel. All hardware is made from AISI 316 stainless steel


Winch is a simple machine that allows you to effortlessly control your umbrella. Our easy drive marine grade winch allows you to operate your umbrella in an effortless motion.


Our umbrellas can follow the sun no matter what time of day it is. Our single and double umbrellas have a swivel option allowing them to follow the sun and provide shade wherever needed. Our single offset umbrella can be rotated 360 degrees and our double umbrellas offer 180-degree rotation capability. So, they can follow the shade all day long.


Both our top and bottom hubs are made of galvanized powder coated steel offering the most durably constructed canopy in the marketplace. Each rib is connected to the hubs with an independent stainless-steel bolt making for an easy rib replacement if necessary and no need to disassemble the entire umbrella.


 Patented design for wind resistance

Our patented multi vent canopy is an anti-wind system with six overlapping fabric strips. This solution puts an end to the “sail effect” caused by the wind blowing against the canopy permitting the air to move through uninterrupted. This refined design offers unequaled stability when opposing wind thrust.
Its state-of-the-art configuration keeps the umbrella incredibly stable in strong winds while allowing the air to be directed through the canopy allowing for a more aerated cover, keeping your area cooler. This technique does not, in any way, compromise the waterproofing characteristics of the umbrella. The sophisticated design gives a refined look exclusive to our umbrella collection and enhances their primary function as the essential accessory for outdoor spaces of great importance.


Raised valves are built on top of the canopy to allow the wind to pass through the canopy, protecting the umbrella from gushes of wind.

What sets our raised valve apart, is that it is made as a small, independent umbrella on top of the canopy, thus allowing the valve fabric to stay separated from the canopy, no matter from which side the wind is blowing. Valves that are not built this way tend to get stuck to the canopy when the wind blows, thus losing their purpose.


Our rain gutter system is used to connect adjacent canopies together to provide complete rain protection.

Our rain gutter is connected to the canopy using only certified Velcro that is sewn on for easy on/off application. This method has proven to work better than any other attaching systems.


Our telescopic mechanism offers two sliding crowns.

When closing the umbrella, the canopy goes up so there is no need to move the furniture underneath in order to close it