Side curtains are lateral panels made of 100% Marine Grade clear PVC vinyl material added to the umbrellas to create an outdoor room, a weather protected area free from rain and wind. These curtains connect to one another using industrial grade Velcro converting your umbrella into a pavilion in no time at all. Available with doors and windows in a roll up and down style that can easily be installed and removed allowing you to make a room on demand. Also available in full iron frames with either clear PVC that can slide and/ or fold open and closed and operated with a hand crank or remote control. Side curtains are also available in 4% open mesh which offers a perfect balance between design, transparency and thermal comfort. This micro-perforated screen blocks heat and sun while maintaining air flow and natural light.

Our patio enclosure systems are a sure to keep your customers comfortable outdoors making certain they will have a great dining experience and ensuring your tables are full rain or shine. 


Rain Gutters made of 100% Marine Grade Acrylic fabric or PVC material easily connect multiple umbrellas together forming one large shade system designed to decline on one end to ensure proper drainage. These gutters attach and detach with ease to the umbrella using a thick strip of Velcro